TCSC advises, proactively identifies and provides innovative solutions to the problems that customers face, even if the customer has not realized their needs.

Our team really excels in national and international deals including merger, elimination, unification, joint venture, stock restructure, exchange of services. We also excel in the protection of benefits as well as the relations with shareholders.

TCSC applies our extensive experiences in global industries and financial advisory services to meet strategic objectives in the short and long term of customers.

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Sponsorship, advisory, underwritting, distribution of Enquity offerings concerning Intial public offering (IPO) . Secondary Market Offering (SEO) . Follow on offering . Greenshoe (Reserse) . Book building.


TCSC also shepherds the process of raising capital for a company Private placement, right issue and other forms of capital rising.


Mergers, disposals and acquisition advisory service acquisition finacing, creation of joint ventures and other transaction support services concerning Takeover . Reverse . Tender offer . Poison pill . Tag-along right . Drag-along right.


TCSC's IBD helps its customer finalize the purchasing or selling price, structuring the deal, and generally ensuring a smooth transaction.

Corporate advisory

Corporate advisory services on:


CAPITAL STRUCTURE: Senior secured debt . Senior debt . Convertible debt . Exchangeable debt . Preferred equity . Shareholder loan . Common equity


LEVERAGE: Leverage buyout . Leveraged recap . Financial sponsor . Bond offering


VALUATION BASING ON MODERN FINANCIAL MODELING: Our clients know that they can always rely on us to be there for them. The success of our partnership approach to client relationships has been recognized widely.


In TCSC, customer’s satisfaction is the priority for all activities and services of the Company


We stimulate our staff to work in teams, the final results will reaped the fruit of each labor of teams will be also the achievements of each member. The contribution and cooperation of each member will create the strength of the whole company.


We encourages employees to share their opinions, information and experience to get the highest efficiency in their work.


Our success depends on the balance of satisfying the reasonable benefits of customers and employees. It requires the wholehearted cooperation of all Company’s members.


We also focus on improving and enhancing the professionalism of staff in order to reach the target of the Company’s sustainable development.

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