Securities Business

Being one of the new players in Vietnam’s brokerage industry, we understood that the quality of product is most decisive factor to create the success .

With the orientation of ever improving service quality to bring about the best investment effectiveness and satisfactions and to our clients, TCSC’s brokerage team has been firmly and carefully trained in both working skills and professional ethics. Our brokerage team is organized into three main groups, one taking care of local investors, one taking care of organizational investors, one taking care of foreign investors. These classifications allow us to tailor our service and products to better meet client needs.


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We provide a vast array of services, including:

Setting up trading accounts and obtaining Securities Trading Codes for foreign investors

Receiving and executing buy and sell orders from investors

Sale and Repurchase agreements

Custody / Depository

Investment advisory

OTC market brokerage

Acting as auction agent

Providing margin accounts

Mortgaging securities

Block building for large orders

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We also provide a wide range of value-added services to our clients, such as:

  • Informing them of their dealing results through email notifications or by phone calls at the end of each dealing session
  • Updating them on market developments with daily and weekly market information, and company research notes
  • Advising them on investment strategies through our macro-economic and industry research



In TCSC, customer’s satisfaction is the priority for all activities and services of the Company


We stimulate our staff to work in teams, the final results will reaped the fruit of each labor of teams will be also the achievements of each member. The contribution and cooperation of each member will create the strength of the whole company.


We encourages employees to share their opinions, information and experience to get the highest efficiency in their work.


Our success depends on the balance of satisfying the reasonable benefits of customers and employees. It requires the wholehearted cooperation of all Company’s members.


We also focus on improving and enhancing the professionalism of staff in order to reach the target of the Company’s sustainable development.

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